The teacher within

First, I must make it known – I am humbled that my older sister, who I have always admired and revered, is looking to me as a mentor. I carefully type the letters into to remind myself of every meaning of the word to make certain I am prepared for the role.  The first description:  Mentor: a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. Oh dear, I thought, yup – it confirms exactly what I thought – this is a big responsibility. Then I take a deep breath and recall something I share with students: trust the teacher within, trust your intuition. This will be my first bit of advice for both Sharon and me as we walk this journey together.

At the end of her entry Sharon wrote “I want to…. reconnect with my inner self”. Those five words tell me that she already understands yoga at a deeper level, an intuitive level. And throughout the process of bringing awareness to various aspects of the practice, I will continually remind her to trust her inner knowing. I have learned much in the time I have dedicated myself to the practice of yoga and I am happy to share my experiences.  It is important to note that although I have been studying yoga and philosophy for over 10 years, I feel like I am at the toddler stage of learning about yoga. It is crucial for me to remember that I can give her tips on what yoga mat to purchase, suggest reading material, and teach her postures and techniques, however she will be her own teacher – by being aware, being present, in every single moment.

Thank you, Sharon, for allowing me to share in your yoga path. As we walk down this road hand-in-hand, I look forward to witnessing your ‘a-ha’ moments while continuing on my own path of self-discovery.



3 thoughts on “The teacher within

  1. Pure, honest, and humble. I’m looking forward to the vicarious thrill of the journey you are taking us on. Happy travels!


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