3rd limb of Yoga – ASANA

I laughed when I read Sharon’s description on purchasing her first yoga outfit as ‘suiting up’.  Suiting up for yoga can be expensive.  One advantage of owning a yoga studio and boutique is purchasing yoga clothing at wholesale.  I am fussy about my yoga clothes and have a preference for organic yoga pants from Inner Waves (www.innerwaves.org).  After all these years I have not found a yoga top that meets my requirements (high scoop neck and long length).  Once upon a time, Prana (www.prana.com) had a style I loved, but they discontinued it.  I am still searching, so if you come across something, let me know.  For good yoga clothes at reasonable prices – check Marshalls or TJ Maxx.

In terms of the different types of yoga, all the yoga that Sharon listed is yoga asana.  Asana in Sanskrit translates to posture.  So, when you hear a name of a posture you will notice they all end in asana.  For example, Trikonasana means Triangle Posture.  Virabhadrasana means Warrior Posture.  Asana is the physical aspect of yoga – which is the 3rd limb of Ashtanga Yoga.  Ashtanga Yoga translates to the Eight Limbs of Yoga.  Over time I will give you information on all the limbs.

Jenna and Sage in Triangle Posture

Thinking about all the types of yoga, Sharon and I have an idea we believe will enhance the information provided in our blog! This summer we will travel to various yoga studios (and gyms) throughout New England and blog about our experiences from Sharon’s ‘new to yoga’ perspective and my yoga teacher/studio owner point of view.  We will attend various classes and workshops, including studios and teachers I am familiar with as well as locations and teachers that are new to both of us.  Sharon may be surprised to know that I have not tried all types of yoga, so some of this will be new to me.  Although asana is asana — in Triangle Posture the hand position may differ from Ashtanga to Iyengar Yoga, but the basic alignment of the postures is the same.  Of the types of yoga Sharon listed, they are similar practices, except Restorative Yoga.  This practice uses bolsters, blankets and eye pillows with postures that are seated or lying down supported by the props and held for 5-8 minutes (sometimes longer). Restorative Yoga includes the practice of the 5th limb of yoga – Pratyahara – Prat-ya- WHAT?!  We’ll get to that in another blog!

By the way, my husband calls Restorative Yoga- Nappy Yoga.  One day he came into my yoga room, saw me lying on my yoga mat with my bolsters and blankets and he said “You’re not doing yoga, you are taking a nap!”  Now I call it Nappy Yoga.  I am now laughing at myself – I think I am funny!  FYI – it is not uncommon for me to tell a funny story as I lead a yoga class, hoping to see a smile from students encouraging them to be lighthearted.  So, Sharon – yes, get suited up, do whatever research helps you feel most comfortable about this venture, and I encourage all of us to not take it so serious – the practice of yoga is about letting go and going with the flow – on & off the mat!


2 thoughts on “3rd limb of Yoga – ASANA

  1. This is such a cool idea!!! I really love the entries so far and look forward to reading more. Its really awesome to experience yoga with someone that is just coming into it. Sharon, thanks for letting us into your practice like this and Maureen thanks to you for being such an inspiring teacher.

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