Where to start?!

Yoga by definition is one thing: union, a balance of  living. The methods of practice vary, so to decide which will be best for me I did a little research. Research, that is me being me; I need to research and plan everything, even attending a yoga class. They call it the “_____” in me.  (FYI – my maiden name is _____ and most of us are super organized and detail oriented – both Maureen and I get that trait from our dad.) So be it…it works!!

The best part for you, the readers, is that it may give you some insight into what you can expect if you’re a beginner. So stay tuned for postings that will include my research, experiences and insight.

Suiting Up: What do you think I did first? Yes, I went and bought a cute yoga outfit, with the matching headband.  And a cool mat.

Research: The second thing I did was I purchased books, magazines and videos trying to decide what class would be right for me.  My research established the following:

Asthanga Yogasmooth uninterrupted poses as the teacher moves around the room, adjusting the students. This is the more athletic type of yoga.

Bikram Yoga-the hot and sweaty type, requires full concentration in a room of 105 degrees. The objective is to create a fit body/mind with physical and spiritual unity.

Om Yoga-I just liked the name. It is a medium pace with the objective to bring strength and stability while being mindful

Sivanda Yoga– a more spiritual type of practice, the goal is to elevate and transform your inner being.

Hatha Yoga-is considered active and includes relaxing poses.

Vinyasa Yoga flowing poses with breaths that are eventually synchronized with your movements.

Restorative Yoga-is gaining popularity, it works internally to renew/restore the nervous system.

So, I am still asking myself. Where do I begin? I still need to think about the environment of the class, do I want a gym or a studio. What about the instructor, should I ask about their training and philosophy. Maureen HELP!!!!


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