Class at Boston Sports Club

I attended my first yoga class since the Introductory Session Maureen taught in Woburn, for family and friends, last month. Following my plan to try different class styles, locations, times, and instructors to find a home base, I started with Boston Sports Club in Woburn. They offer a two week guest pass for $20. I took them up on the offer (a great value) and tried the Monday night class with Julie. It was a Vinyasa class defined by the gym as “A vigorous and dynamic style of yoga with special attention paid to linking breathing with movement. There is an emphasis on standing postures.”

Julie was very mindful of the different levels of students that were participating in her class. Moving at a steady pace she continuously offered an alternative variation of the postures to keep us (the beginners) safe. I felt that I got a good workout and did not have any problems with any of the postures. Yes, I did choose to go with some of the alternate moves!

The only downfall was the atmosphere – they were unable to dim the lights so the brightness of the room (fluorescent) could affect your experience. Overall, I think it is a great place to begin and learn.


2 thoughts on “Class at Boston Sports Club

  1. Although I did not attend the class with Sharon at Boston Sports Club (BSC), early in my practice I did participate in a few classes at the local Planet Fitness (PF), though my comments will be more generic and not directly related to either BSC or PF.

    From the website description of the facility and Sharon’s description of the lighting, it’s clear that the atmosphere is more of gym yoga rather than a yoga studio. There are advantages and disadvantages to gym yoga. One obvious advantage is that the monthly rate for the gym membership usually includes yoga classes. A huge disadvantage is what Sharon mentioned and that is the ambiance of the space. Gym yoga sites usually have issues with lighting as well as too much noise, both of which can affect the yoga experience.

    However, as Sharon also mentioned, it can be a fantastic place to start, learn the poses working toward getting your body more flexible and strong. That may suit your needs for a period of time and when it no longer serves your practice, then it may be time to move to a yoga studio setting and find your yoga community. (We will talk more about yoga community in an upcoming blog!)


  2. I was fortunate enough to take this class with my mom. The class and the instructor were okay but the atmosphere was not great. I am by no means a professional yoggie but, having been to a few yoga classes at yoga studios the atmosphere is key in getting the full experience. I would take yoga at a gym like this again if I otherwise had a membership but I would not join a gym for the sole purpose of wanting to participate in their yoga program.

    In any event, I enjoyed the time with my mom.

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