I had the most amazing experience at Exhale Mind/Body Spa in Boston Saturday. This spa has it all; the complete package to enhance your yoga experience and the ambiance was incredible. From the minute I entered I felt a sense of wellbeing.

With several daily classes to choose from Maureen and I selected the Saturday Level 1-2 with Emily Phillips. The website described it as “a class that will dive deep into all asanas with a moderate pace. This class was open to all levels, but due to the slower tempo it is appropriate for beginners as well” we felt is would be a good fit for us, since we are on opposite ends of the spectrum in regards to yoga training and experience. And boy did we make a GREAT choice.

Emily was everything I wanted and needed her to be that day; you might say she had good energy. I was a bit nervous entering into my first “true” yoga studio, especially one of this caliber. I was afraid I would not “fit in. But I was very wrong; in fact I fit in just fine and this class actually made me more aware of where my journey is headed. I felt my body and mind open. And guess what else? I did the breathing! I don’t know how it happened it just did. I listened to Emily; I watched Maureen and I became one of the yogis as I Exhaled!

This was a very good day!!!!!!!!!!

FYI…The cost is comparable to local studios and the lighting is perfect!!


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