Yes, yoga can be life changing


Nice post!

Yes, yoga is life changing – I can attest to that.  It has contributed to my self-development in very meaningful ways.  One example — I use to be so REACTIVE – when someone said or did something that did not ‘sit right’ with me, I felt I needed to respond immediately and sometimes without consideration about how it affected the recipient.  Now, I am more aware and thoughtful of how I respond and react.  AND more importantly, I am more compassionate about it and not solely focused on what I believe is  ‘right’.   Because I am more aware, if I fall back into old patterns I take responsibility, remind myself I am human and then I re-set my intention to release from the old pattern.

Also, for additional information on the benefits of yoga….  see the ‘benefits of yoga’ link under Yoga Resources – in the green box to the right.

Make an amazing day everyone!


(PS…. and recognize we all have the ability to impact if we have an amazing day or not)


One thought on “Yes, yoga can be life changing

  1. Just visited your Living Yoga website to check the benefits of yoga link, Love that I found this…

    “Yoga leads to a body that is easeful, a mind that is peaceful, which results in a life that is useful.”

    Paraphrased from Swami Satchidananda, a pioneer in bringing yoga to the United States.

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