Living Yoga Studio, Concord New Hampshire

On Friday I packed up my mat and headed up 93 North to Concord, New Hampshire to attend a class at Maureen’s studio, Living Yoga.

Located right across from the State House in downtown Concord, which is quaint and beautiful, you enter the brick building located at 120A North Main Street and immediately feel a sense of calm.  As you step down the stairs, descending to the lower level, you pass a beautiful stained glass window, I am not sure what it was but I felt myself relaxing with each step. This studio has ambiance a brick wall, and perfect lighting create a quiet place, a refuge.

As my fellow students arrived I watched the interactions between them, all on a first name basis, I immediately understood why Maureen refers to “the Yoga Community” they had a connection, they were all from the Concord area either living or working nearby, this is what I want in my place of practice.

The 12:15 class began, Maureen led us through an hour long “Flow Yoga” class integrating breathing and movement, modifications for postures were given (most likely to accommodate me, the newbie!).

But this was not just a work out for my classmates, they looked to Maureen for guidance in their practice, asking questions about postures and everyone had a sense comfort here. At the close of class there were many “Thank you’s”. And I realized this is where people go to make a difference in how the days pans out.

After class we stopped for a bite to eat at Still in a pinch café, our server Holly greeted me with the usual “you must be Maureen’s sister” and she proceeded to tell me she is also a Maureen/Living Yoga follower. There it is again that sense of “community!”

In closing I would like to make note that Maureen embraces yoga, she was in her element, doing what she loves. Maureen has found that her purpose in life (well one of them) is to guide people in the practice of yoga and “I” am lucky enough to be the newest to benefit from her many years of experience and studies.

As I drove back home I looked over and saw that my passenger seat was not empty, it was covered with back issues of Yoga Journal, a couple of books on the Sutras, some CD’s and a DVD, I realized I had been given homework!!!

Thank you to my Guru Maureen!!!


One thought on “Living Yoga Studio, Concord New Hampshire

  1. Thanks, Sha! It was great having you in my class – and by the way – you have a rockin’ Adho Muhka Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Posture).

    For readers, Sharon and I also set our schedule for our Spring/Summer ‘Yoga on the Road’ for New England. I look forward to our next trip – to my teacher’s studio in Boston, O2 Yoga – Mimi Loureiro.

    We plan to simultaneously write about various yoga topics while also giving our reviews of studios we visit. Stay tuned!

    Om Shanti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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