Yoga Builds Bone

A yoga practice is based on the needs of the individual and there are various reasons why people begin yoga. A few of the reasons I have recently heard include: to get in shape, to become more flexible, to decrease stress, to learn relaxation techniques, to control anxiety, and to help with sleep problems. So you see there are various reasons why each student might attend a class. And remember a good yoga teacher will offer alternative postures to compensate for the varied abilities of the students in the class.

Did you know…

You can shape your yoga practice to fit your individual needs.

Did you know…

Most people start yoga because they want the physical benefits that come with the asanas (poses/postures) but soon they come to realize there are many more advantages.

Did you know…

Yoga contributes to building bone, decreasing the risk of osteoporosis (the weakening of bone). Yoga builds bone with weight bearing activity that works not only the legs but the arms and upper bodies due to multiple postures.

Did you know…

The simple flowing moves are low impact and when combined with a gradual learning process of the postures can be beneficial to building bone.

Did you know…

Any weight bearing activity is movement that requires the muscles to move against gravity. When pressure is applied the cells that build bone are stimulated, causing the bone to become stronger and retain more calcium.

Did you know…

When yoga is used in conjunction with healthy habits can increase your quality of life.

Did you know…

If you are uncomfortable with starting a practice of yoga or just want more individualized attention you can ask for a private lesson. This may help alleviate any concerns you have about where to begin.

**** Feel free to shout out any requests you may have about a particular health benefit

or health concern. We will do our best to answer your questions, offer

guidance or direct you to the right source…


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