All About Abs

You know by now that yoga works your entire body, so your abs must benefit as well. And it should come as no surprise to learn that the slow controlled motions combined with multiple poses strengthen the abdominal muscles. Yes, you can tone up your abs with a regular practice. Some of the postures that work the abs include: triangle pose, forward bend, butterfly, locust, boat and the cat. Of course there are many others, but these are more basic and easy for beginners.

Given this information next time you attend a class you can at least think about the move and what it is doing for your body. This knowledge may help with your movement and posture causing you to stretch a bit more knowing that it will elongate your abdominal muscles.  And as your core strengthens you decrease back pain and increase flexibility.

So during your class when your teacher asks you to do a forward bend you might think about how that one move is massaging the abdominal muscles, increasing lumbar spine flexibility, stretching your muscles and stimulating digestion.

Yoga Journal Magazine’s February 2010 issue has a great article titled “Core Values” which includes a 2 page cut out and save, 10 pose sequence to work the abdominals and build core strength. Visit the website to see how you can build a sequence to target an area you want to focus on. Select the poses tab then select build a sequence.

By now you should be starting to realize there is a wide array of research options to assist you in building a yoga practice to benefit your individual needs. Consider Two Sister Journey as your first option when you have a question, we only a blog away from helping you, all you need to do is ask!


One thought on “All About Abs

  1. Ab work is challenging for me, though I try to embrace it because I know the importance of having a strong core. It supports the entire body for yoga and strengthens the back. Thanks, Sha. See you later today as we travel to O2 yoga in Boston to practice with my teacher Mimi Louriero! xo

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