02 Yoga Studio Boston

Today we once again ventured off to Boston for our weekly yoga class. This time to O2 located at 121 E. Berkley Street. First I should comment that it was a cinch to get to and parking was not a problem, which is just an added bonus.

Maureen selected this class because she wanted to introduce me to one of her primary teachers/studio owner/teacher Mimi Louriero.

Needless to say Maureen has been selecting the studios because I am a complete novice at choosing the right class. Well, today’s class Saturday 11:00, was a Power Yoga class, described as advanced and included arm balances, back bends and inversions, just a few things that are out of my realm of practice at this point in time, but I kept up. When the postures were too much for me I did variations but the Vinyasanas are beginning to come to me more naturally each time I practice. New to me, but something I liked, was that Mimi used straps during the class, giving us an increased ability to open our chests

and maintain balance in some of the standing postures. Sorry I am not familiar enough with the names of the poses to list them yet.

The studio was bright and airy; I absolutely loved the welcoming atmosphere and friendly faces of all I encountered.  The space also included a sitting/waiting area with a library for reference open to the students, there was a granite bench in the space to die for, loved it!!!

So take it from me– do not be intimidated by the class levels. This was a perfect example of a student, me a beginner, being in an advanced class 1.) doing what I could, 2.) watching what I could not and 3.) developing my practice.

By the way Maureen was AWESOME!!!!

We both left feeling that we have achieved what we came for: Maureen reconnected with her teacher and I had an opportunity to practice in a first class studio under the guidance of a first rate teacher, Mimi.


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