Yoga at O2, with my teacher Mimi Loureiro

Practicing yoga with one of your primary teachers is like coming home.  Your body, mind & spirit remember the essence of the teacher and it makes you smile inside and out…. AND you work it!  When I am at a class of one of my teachers (Mimi has been my teacher for about 10 years), I want them to be proud of me as one of their students/teachers who is spreading the joy of yoga to others and so I do not allow myself to be lazy whatsoever.   I am focused, I am present and I am integrating all they have taught me over the many years.   Great teachers leave lasting impressions on our soul.

Mimi’s advanced classes are challenging –in all the ways that feel good.  I left her class in full yoga bliss.  What is yoga bliss?  Well, remember the last article I wrote about the parasympathetic nervous system?  It leaves you feeling like all is well in the world.   My energy was flowing, my mind was clear, my heart was happy.  I felt like skipping.  Yes, skipping.  And as an aside… this makes me wonder:  What happens to us as adults that we do not skip unless we are with a child?  I skip with Jenna and I love it… when I go to Asheville next month, I am going to teach Sage to skip!!!

And it would be remiss of me if I forgot to tell you how proud I was of my sister.   It is challenging to find yoga classes for all levels and because of that some of our yoga on the road includes classes that are intermediate to advanced levels.  Was Sharon intimidated by the class?  NO!  Did she finish the class?  YES!  Was she mindful of limitations and honoring her body?  YES!  In my classes I tell students that if you are honoring your limitations and not pushing beyond your ‘comfortable edge’, then THAT is an advanced practice – one that can keep you safe from injury.  So, my beginner yogini sister, in some ways you may be just starting out, but you are advanced in the way you pay attention to your practice.

Mimi’s Boston studio was very easy to get to and street parking was a piece of cake (but do remember to bring quarters for the 2-hour limit meters).  The studio is simply beautiful.  When you take your yoga on the road, you should plan a visit to O2 Yoga in Boston.  Mimi teaches on Tuesday evenings and also on Saturdays (a beginner class at 9:30am and an intermediate/advanced class at 11am).  You can also take a class with her at her Somerville location on Mondays.  For more info on O2 Yoga, go to

In closing, my wish for you is that on your yoga journey that you find a yoga teacher who fills your heart with the joy of yoga – like Mimi does for me.  And when you practice yoga this week…… I hope the class leaves you with a feeling of yoga bliss and makes you want to skip!


3 thoughts on “Yoga at O2, with my teacher Mimi Loureiro

  1. Maureen,
    I felt honored to be a part of your day on Saturday. I admired you as I watched and observed your dedication to the practice of yoga. So that is “yoga bliss”
    Your balance is incredible, no one watching would believe you are (almost) 50 years young.
    And by the way…as we headed back to my car after class ………you DID skip across the street!!!!!

  2. Hi Maureen! It was an absolute honor and pleasure to be part of this new blogging, yogaing journey. I have enjoyed watching you transition from eager student, to blossoming teacher, to beautiful studio owner, to full-fledged yogini. You embody yoga not because of what you do but because of who you are and who you have worked so hard to become. I was one of your earliest teachers and you have now gone on to touch so many lives in wonderful ways. The circle of compassion keeps growing and it is mind-blowing to think about the power of the yogic energy that keeps building because if people like you. Thanks for including me in your journey. I am so happy you are making more space in your life for all the things you have to do and share. I look forward to seeing you more often and continuing to share in this mindful, joyous pursuit of a better world. Much love to your sister, Sharon, your beautiful daughter Jaime and the rest of your family. Peace, Mimi

  3. It seems like MY MOM AND AUNT are on to something great. Although I am not an active yogie I can see how it brings positive experiences into the lives of those that try it and I too want to start my own practice (that is) when time allows.

    I encourage all to check out the blog and post some comments. This will help these two amazing women continue with their journey. Maybe someday we will see a movie Maureen and Sharon, similar to Julie and Julia.

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