Listen To Your Body

Neglecting our bodies puts a heavy toll on not only our physical being but our emotional life as well. Biological and biochemical changes warn us with symptoms that are created by these metabolic and hormonal changes.

Are you unable to sleep? Do you have anxiety or depression? Do you suffer from achy bones? Do you have digestive “issues”? Are you affected by personal or work related stress?

Once our attention is focused on the warning signs the next step is what to do to alter this state of congestion between the body and mind.

Begin by changing dysfunctional habits. These changes in conjunction with yoga, which can have healing potential, can help. How? Well, during yoga the asana’s/postures paired with pranayama/breathing activates our parasympathetic nervous system, counteracting stress.

You can also incorporate some detoxification thru proper diet and nutrition.

Do you remember the sayings “stop and count to ten” and “take a deep breath”??? There is something to performing these two simple tasks if you feel anger or stress.  They both slow the mind long enough to give us an opportunity to think for a moment, allowing us to focus and as our body relaxes it releases healthy hormones that awaken your vital centers, your mind and body become one adjusting our thoughts helping us to react appropriately.

To create inner harmony—Listen to your body!!!!!!


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