This week we visited Karma Yoga Center located at 83 Hanover Street in Manchester, New Hampshire. One we located the studio, which lacked any signage on the exterior of the building, (so look closely if you visit, it is there)….we climbed up three flights of stairs and down a narrow hallway to locate the studio. We filled out the release forms and waited for the class ahead of us to end. Once the door opened I thought maybe we were in the wrong place because there were no sign of anything that resembled a yoga studio. We were greeted by owner KC, I commented on all the mirrors; she was proud to tell us she shared the location with a dance studio, which helps to keep her overhead down. Unfortunately this probably contributed to the overall feel of the studio and thinking back- I seem to recall that the props were stored in cardboard boxes.

I will just note here that it is entirely a personal preference, I just happen to prefer the ambiance of the typical yoga studio.

We introduced ourselves being  sure to make KC aware of the fact that I was a beginner and Maureen was an advanced student, this would help her to modify her class especially since we were the only two students in the class. And because of this I was excited thinking the class could be taught on more of an individual level, almost like a private class. No luck…KC clearly was focused on her normal routine and as we went though the class I was a bit disappointed that I did not get much individual attention, and no modifications were given for my beginner level. I am lucky that Maureen taught me to listen to my body and not to do anything that I did not feel was comfortable. There have also been other classes I have taken where the teacher offered verbal cues for modifications to the different levels (such as Emily at Exhale in Boston).

KC was most likely exhausted due to the fact that this was her third class in a row that Saturday. Having just opened in November she is clearly still trying to work out the quirks and I am sure she will. KC is a lovely person and I wish her nothing but the best for her future!!!

When class ended we walked across the street for a delightful outdoor lunch on a beautiful sunny Saturday and enjoyed each others company, because that is what this journey is all about!!!


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