Listen to your Body – tap into your feelings

I am currently in a Health Coaching program that integrates my yoga knowledge/experience with what I know about Integrative Medicine.   I am learning so much and thought I would share an example in our segment about ‘Listening to your Body’.  In Health Coaching we assist folks to PROCESS at the feeling level.   When we really listen to our body by noticing where we FEEL something, we can, with the help of a Health Coach, process by considering when there was another time we may have felt this in the body and perhaps get at the ROOT of the feeling, increase awareness about it so when an emotion arises, we understand where it is coming from and we can make the choice to react differently or not at all.  Being aware in this way and understanding more about how and why we react to certain situations, we can work toward healing the body.

I have so much to learn – I am a little over half way through the 6 month program.  In addition to the Health Coaching program, I am in the Professional Coaching program at UNH and have one more class to complete that certification.  So, come June – you may hear more from me about this.  It is my intention to take on 3 clients at no-cost, for 3 months each to practice coaching prior to taking on paying clients.  I currently have one client and another that expressed interest, so if you, too, are interested, let me know and if I do not have a slot open, I can check with other graduates to see if they might have an opening.

I will be posting more about what I am learning as well as including some of the information in the Yoga NH Teacher Training/Develop Your Practice Program that I lead at Living Yoga.  And if you did not know – we recently brought the B1 Community folks (the group leading the Health Coaching Program) to Living Yoga and it is likely we will bring them back for a return visit for Level 1 as well as a Level 2 weekend for folks who completed Level 1.


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