Just Breathe !!!

In my last posting “Listen To Your Body” I mentioned the old phrases “count to ten” and “take a deep breath” as ways to calm yourself down during a stressful or upsetting situation.

It must make you wonder how that works. Funny thing, after submitting my post I received my March/April issue of  Spirituality & Health magazine (I tried it as a free trial offer) it  included a feature article on how to clear your brain with yogic breathing and it mentions “take a deep breath.” The article explains that we can feel sadness or depression from past events and anxiety or fear from future events.  Being in the present is accomplished by taking that breath and thinking of nothing but that breath, slowing the mind and creating a sense of calm. That makes sense to me!!!

To take it a bit further would be to understand that the term pranayama means yogic breathing exercises, these breathing exercises increase prana…our energy/life force. For better understanding of pranayama & prana see the full article at http://www.spiritualityhealth.com/spirit/archives/case-yogic-breathing.

Please note that you can practice and benefit from yogic breathing  by simply standing still, sitting in a chair or floor, and while driving a car (just ask Maureen).  And  when combined with the asanas (postures) you can actually activate the parasympathetic nervous system, telling the body to slow down. Now that is pretty cool!!!


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