Breathe Away Anxiety

I have decided to take it that one step further and discuss a common ailment these days…ANXIETY!!! Do not tell me you have never had a moment when you felt anxious and wished you could remove yourself from a situation. How about that airplane ride???

Or that public speaking event??? Going to the doctors???? Or dentist????

It is really quite simple, when we get anxious we tend to breathe too fast and the oxygen/carbon dioxide levels are thrown off balance and can cause nausea, confusion and even light headedness. By slowing your breathing you can recreate balance and the parasympathetic system (there is that term again) calms us down. Of course yogic breathing is not meant to solve all our problems but it can help in many situations.  Be sure to visit the website search anxiety, there is a multitude of helpful articles.

YOU DECIDE……………………


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