Attention, Intention, Awareness

In any aspect of life, attention and awareness foster growth.  Deepak Chopra

I am a big fan of Deepak Chopra.  In his many (many, many!) books he often uses the words ‘attention’, ‘intention’ and ‘awareness’.

What we pay attention to grows.  By now we have all probably heard about The Secret which informed us that we should be mindful of what we think about because where we put our attention is directly related to what we will manifest in our lives.

What is our intention for our life? Ah, when we realize that we can have an intention for certain outcomes in our lives and we can make it happen, that is the beauty of life.  The challenge can be remaining in this space on a consistent basis.  It is not easy.  This is where it is helpful to increase our awareness.

Increased awareness provides us with information. Information about how we act, how we react, the choices we make.  As we TRULY pay attention to, and reflect upon, our actions we become more intimate with ourSELF.  This is when the true learning begins.  We can do this through yoga, meditation, journaling or any activity that contributes to our being mindful of how we are feeling and the thoughts we are having so we can be in the present moment as much as possible.  When we remain in the present moment we increase our ability to be with what is and not try to change it.

Awareness means the same as being mindful.  In contrast, it is the opposite of oblivious.  When we are not paying attention we are making the choice to be oblivious and that can sometimes be a protection mechanism.  We protect ourselves if we sense we are not mentally prepared to deal with, as Sharon said in her post, what we might uncover.  My advice is to take it slow, take time to reflect and trust your intuition.  And along the way you might seek out the assistance of a life coach, meditation teacher or sit and have coffee/tea with a trusted friend so you can process what you are learning about yourself.




2 thoughts on “Attention, Intention, Awareness

  1. Funny I just had a conversation with someone the other day, they were unhappy with where they are in their life and not quite sure what to do. It was very easy for me to see that the choices were as simple as 1-2-3 (in this instance anyway) and once I put them out there in a very honest conversation it became clear to that person what they could do to fix the problem. So sometimes having that coffee with a friend is exactly what we need.

  2. Deepak will be talking with IONS President Marilyn Mandala Schlitz on a teleseminar Wednesday May 5th at 5:00 pm Pacific time… sign up to participate in the call FREE here:

    You will have the opportunity to ask Deepak questions on the call.

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