My Personal Journey

“Who Am I?” One of the most intimate questions we can ask ourselves.

Have you ever thought about who you really are or maybe who you are suppose be or want to be? I have. At this stage of my being I have a willingness to bring true self awareness into my life. My journey started because I wanted to enhance my lifestyle. I had a desire to become a better person, a wiser person, a happier person, and a person who travels.

I wanted to increase my body and mind awareness enhancing my sense of self. I felt that I needed something new, a stimulus, something to get me moving in another direction. We are always changing and sometimes we have the ability to direct that change, if not we can at least direct our reaction to that change.

Yoga has helped me with this part of the process because with the practice comes a consciousness of our breath and life, which in turn brings a wakefulness of  “self”.  What follows is the relaxation of the mind, creating an increased self awareness. You actually have time to think, reflect aka quiet time!

I have been able to redirect some things in my life that  required a bit of a redirection allowing  me to focus on the more important issues.  Oh, I do realize there is along road ahead of me; but I have no doubt that this plan of self inquiry, self recognition, self awakening, self awareness and self acceptance is a step in the right direction.  For those of you that know I am not much of a traveler…. I am planning a  trip in the  future 🙂 and Maureen you are coming with me!!!


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