Life/Health Coaching

If you have been reading our blog since the beginning, you may recall I will complete my Life Coaching Certification (through UNH) and my Health Coaching Certification (through B1 Community) next month.  When I decided to sell the yoga studio it was important to only let go of that if I had something equally as meaningful to do, something of value.  By listening to my intuition, thinking about what I would be good at and considering how I could integrate that with all I know about yoga – I decided to explore coaching.  The worst case scenario (yeah, I PLAN and think worst case) would be that I learned about myself during the coaching classes and the best case – I would explore it as a career.  I am still uncertain about coaching as a career because I need to be certain I will be very good at it, however I encouraged because my friends and family tell me I am a ‘natural’ at coaching.    I will have a better assessment after I practice coach 3 people this summer.

What I do know is this – coaching is about listening, coaching is about paying attention to what the coachee is saying and what they are not saying.  It is about being present in a way where I can help the coachee discover their strengths, uncover behavior patterns that are not working for them and utilizing their strength and inner wisdom to make changes that will decrease stress in the body, mind & spirit.  And most important, it is about walking the journey with another person in support of the choices they make to live authentically.

There is much more to coaching and I will share additional information in future blogs and on the new websites ( and in the coming months.  If you are interested in life/health coaching and want to be part of my summer practicum, please email me:



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