So maybe you are wondering…What are Sharon’s core values?

Well, if one were to ask me what are my best qualities, off the top of my head I would answer honesty, compassion/kindness, and authenticity.

Honesty is my #1 Core Value.  To be honest is to be sincere, trustworthy and truthful.

There are many quotes on honesty and you probably recall some of these.

  • One falsehood spoils a thousand truths.  ~African Proverb

  • “Honesty is the best policy, if I lose mine honor, I lose myself”  ~Shakespere

  • No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar.  ~Abraham Lincoln

  • Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. ~ Thomas Jefferson

But my favorite by far……

O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive! ~Walter Scott

Give this some thought. I was taught at an early age (thanks mom and dad) that it takes too much energy to lie. You tell a lie, then another to cover it up, then you want to tell another but forget what the truth is and actually sometimes what the lie that you told even was in the first place. Eventually you look like a fool and people will lose faith in you and your spoken word.

So it just makes better sense to tell the truth. Now I am not saying that I never told a white lie, I have. If someone asks an opinion I am usually truthful but I will not hurt any ones feelings if it can be helped, unless the outcome is better for the truth. Benefit vs risk!. Sometimes the truth hurts and does not have to.

And to steal never! When I was young I once took a pack of gum (Redstone Shopping Center, I think it was an A & P, the store gave out stamps with purchase that you saved in a book) and opened the pack before I approached the register. They thought I was stealing, locked me in a back room and called my parents. I actually should thank them, scared the pants off me. Then I remember when I was in junior high school. I went to the mall (I think Burlington had just opened) and some of my friends, one decided to steal some makeup (we did not even wear any), got caught and they called her parents. I again was horrified.  So, when I tell you I never took a tooth brush from my dental office without telling someone I mean that!! Postage, I paid for it. Maybe I took a manila envelope, but it was when it was about to be thrown out. Free samples from suppliers, that was okay. Give me too much change, I give it back to the clerk.  Switch price tag..OMG!!!

If you are my friend, family member, past or present employer be assured I never stole anything from you!!

It feels great to be able to say that!

Well, there is another side to honesty; this can be a bit more complex.

What do you think I would do? What do you think I would do?

  • Your husband is having an affair, you ask. Should I tell you?
  • I am having an affair, you ask. Should I tell you?
  • Your child is doing drugs, you ask. Should I tell you?
  • My child is doing drugs, you ask. Should I tell you?
  • Your employee is stealing from you, you ask. Should I tell you?!
  • My employee is stealing from me, you ask. Should I tell you?
  • You buy a hot pink dress and it looks a bit silly on you, you ask. Should I tell you?
  • I have an appointment with you, need to cancel, Should I tell you the truth?
  • I am unhappy with your response to my question, Should I tell the truth?
  • I call in sick, Should I be sick?

Honesty shows good moral conscience and it feels good to say “I am an honest person!”


5 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. Hello to my sister,
    For those of you who do not really know her, Sharon is one of the kindest people I know. I value our relationship so much. Ours is one of unconditional love and respect…. and I so appreciate that we can ALWAYS be honest with each other. If we have a yoga or lunch date and one of us doesn’t want to do it, we just day – I’m not feeling like doing it. We do not take it personally because we know it is not about the other person and because we respect each other. Thank you Sharon, for being a wonderful sister. I love you!

  2. HI Maureen, Perhaps we will meet in person one day. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Sharon during my visits to your Dad and my sister, Julie, in Woburn.
    The honesty question is intriguing.. The obvious answer is Yes to the truth for all, but maybe with considerable consideration and tact for the how and where. In some instances, a person may not be ready to hear the “truth” as you understand it. I have a funny story about an instance of truth, but will write it later. Have a plane to catch today.

  3. Carolyn,
    Perhaps we will meet tomorrow – I imagine you are on your way to Woburn for Julie’s Mass. I look forward to meeting you and telling you in person how much I enjoyed the company of your sister – she was a special woman.

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