It is challenging to take all of the values that are important to you and choose your top 3-5.  I’ll start right off the bat and tell you with what my top 3 core values are – integrity, intuition and peace.  The other 2 that round out my top 5 are – responsibility and justice/fairness.  Where is love?  Where is compassion?  Those are certainly things I value and care about and for me if I live a life of integrity – it inherently implies I care and have compassion. Many values go hand-in-hand.  So, when we are choosing our top 3, we need to be able to explore/explain why they are so important.


Integrity – ethical, honest, moral – acting in a way that is respectful.  Integrity is very important to me because it includes honesty and respect.  Sharon already touched upon the importance of honesty in our household when we were growing up.  It was not negotiable and I, like Sharon, have carried this to my adulthood.  Sharon and I were talking about this the other day and she said ‘Maureen, you are bare-naked honest.  Someone knows if they ask you something, they will get the truth.”  In the past I was WAY bare-naked honest and was not as concerned about how it came across.  Thanks to my yoga practice on and off the mat, I have softened how I deliver the truth.  I think when people know they can be honest with you, they trust you.  I can’t imagine a relationship that is not built on trust.


Intuition – ever since my children were small they trusted my intuition.  If I said, I do not want you to do this because I have a ‘feeling’, they would not do it – even as teenagers!  They, in turn, have learned to tap into their own intuition and I am so appreciate of that because I have a strong belief that when we are the most whole, the most grounded people that we can be, we know what we need to do.  When we live from that place it is easy to make decisions because we tap into the inner Self and ‘know’.  This helps us live a more peaceful life, full of integrity.


Peace – oh, my favorite word in any language.  To me this is about tranquility, serenity, equanimity.  It is the reason I practice yoga.  For the peaceful feeling the practice leaves me with the intention that it will carry me through the rest of my day.  I grew up Catholic and though I do not regularly attend Mass, many of the principles of the religion are ingrained in who I am.  And when it comes to the part of the Mass where we wish each other Peace, I enjoy it when we say to one another – peace be with you.  It connects us, it tells the people around us – I want you to experience peace and thank you for offering that to me.  It reminds me of Namaste – which we say at the end of yoga class – honoring the light in one another.

Part of my yoga/coaching bio summarizes my values succinctly:
My favorite  mantra is:
Sat.  Chit.  Ananda.
In Sanskrit translating to:
Love.  Knowingness.  Bliss.

It is my hope to inspire friends, family, yoga students and coachees to:
– live a fulfilled life, with love and honesty
– trust our intuition, our inner knowing
– examine what feeds our souls, to live a blissful life

Please share your core values with us.  If you want to learn more about how to identify your top core values, I will be leading an exercise related to Core Values in a Yoga & Wellness Workshop in Tilton NH at The Yoga Center at Awakening Chiropractic on September 25th from 10am-4pm.  Email me if you are interested in attending –


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