Nonviolence.  Being kind.

Ahimsa is about being kind – to yourself and others.  I like to think about the way I WANT to be with others and not how I DON’T want to be.  So, though the Sanskrit would Ahimsa is sometimes translated to nonviolence, I want us to think about it as being kind.  When we are being kind – we can’t also be violent.

We each define kindness in our own way – whatever way you define it – think about how you are kind first and foremost to yourself.  We are sometimes kind to everyone around us and forget about ourselves.  So, first – be kind to you.

Assignment – examine a thought that you have about yourself today. When/if you have a negative thought about yourself, in that moment change it up – immediately.  Do not judge that you said something unkind to yourself – just make a commitment that when you do that, you immediately say something kind.  By starting with our thoughts we will bring more awareness to how we treat ourselves and then we can move that same awareness into kind words and actions.

Example – a thought I had today ‘My desk is so messy, what is wrong with me that I cannot get a handle on this.’  Changing it up – The paper, books and pictures on my desk are all important to me.  When I have time, I will organize my desk.  In the meantime, I chose to let go of any negativity associated with my messy desk.’  Ha.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

Coming soon – my thoughts and assignment on Satya/Truthfulness.

Make an amazing day!


One thought on “Ahimsa

  1. Thanks Maureen!

    Your comments about a messy desk resonate with me. Since getting back to Arizona last month, I’ve been trying to clean up all the little messy surfaces and corners… But find it takes much longer than I expect…and it’s so easy to quickly clutter them up again. It’s an ongoing process that I try to accept with good humor and console myself that it’s part of leading a life that’s interesting to me.

    This week I cleared the piano for the annual visit of the piano tuner. The next day I tried a new approach. Rather than having six piles of 7-8 different kinds of music (from classical to rock and roll) across the piano top, I’m trying to keep the piano clear, and only have music on it when I’m actually playing from that book. Astonishingly, it gives me better concentration on that piece of music! Hm…

    Thanks for your blog…


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