Satya (truthfulness)

The second Yama (moral codes/ethical disciplines ~ establishing ourselves in peace) in the Ashtanga Yoga, eight-limbed, path.

When we typically think of the truth – we think of if we lie to others.

I once read a translation of Satya that truly resonated with me:  ‘the integrity of our thoughts, words and actions – to ourselves and others’.

Thoughts – when we have a thought – if it is not true, ask yourself – why do I chose to think this way?  It could be about yourself or someone else.  What is this thought here to teach me?

Example – if I make a judgment about someone else – perhaps I think someone is not being kind.  It may appear to be true in the moment, but in that moment it is –

1) my judgment of that person and how I interpret kindness, and/or
2) a glimpse of that person at this moment in time.  Perhaps they are having a bad day because they just got fired or are in midst of illness or divorce.  Most often we have no way of really knowing why someone acts the way they do, we can only be responsible for our reactions.

Words – I have learned over the years to think before I speak.  Boy, oh boy – those who know me know that I use to be reactive and just speak my mind – sometimes harshly.  Now-a-days I try to really listen before I speak and consider if what I am going to say is – true, kind and necessary.  I am still working on this – every day. When we take ‘pause’ in our lives, we can take time to know if we are speaking our truth.

Actions – in my recent Elephant Journal post I wrote about authenticity.  To me – being authentic is about living our truth, the honest actions day in and day out, on and off the yoga mat.

Coming next – Asteya – non-stealing.  Stay tuned!

I honor the place in you where we are all one.



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