Asteya: Nonstealing

The third Yama – Asteya: Nonstealing.

Wikipedia states: Asteya refers to not stealing, not coveting, nor hoarding, as well as not obstructing other people’s desires in life.

What did we do before Wikipedia???!! 🙂

Asteya can also mean not taking more than you need.  Sometimes when we have access to something – we take more than we need thinking it might not be offered again. If we trust in the universe (or your version of a higher power), then we have faith that we will always have exactly what we need.

In a Yoga Journal Article, Teaching the Yamas in Asana Class, Aadil Palkhivala writes about Asteya on the mat:
When students hold back in a posture, or when they don’t work to their full capacity, they may fear that there is not going to be enough energy to do the next pose. Teach your students that each pose gives the energy required to do it. It is only when we persist in feeling a lack of abundance that we hold back and do not put our whole selves into every pose.

Thinking about how we practice on and off the mat – good!  Examining…. reflecting…. learning…. growing!




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