Buddhism – nice post, Sha!

Nice job on the Buddhism post – Sharon.
If anyone is interested in reading more about Buddhism, Pema Chodron is a wonderful author and teacher of Buddhism.  Something she wrote in a book I recently read helped me with how I think about opinions/judgments – she says – that when we have Clear Seeing Intelligence – we are able to look at a challenge without an opinion or without judging.

How do we know we are practicing Clear Seeing Intelligence – it’s when we are able to be removed from the emotion of whatever it is we are thinking about.  Example – if we see something we categorize as an injustice – say, a starving child, someone polluting our favorite body of water – we can move to action to help, but we are not angry (or insert another emotion) and do not take action in a way that the emotion becomes the bigger ‘story’.  We take action with compassion and understanding that we can do something to help and not because of angry or frustration that this should not be happening.

I am still understanding this as I consider Clear Seeing Intelligence in real life situations.  It is not an easy practice, but as we continue to be aware and examine what we do and why, we continue to learn more about ourselves and that is good!  In fact, at a lecture yesterday, Govinda Kai (International Ashtanga Yoga Teacher) was at Living Yoga in Concord and he talked about this in more depth and I’ll post on that soon – I am still reflecting on that.

I’ll be getting back to posting more regularly in mid-December – truly.  I’ve missed it, but have been busy with a fabulous English course.




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