Anahata Chakra – The Heart Center

Who do you love?

Did you include yourself?

Do you practice forgiveness?

Do you accept others unconditionally?


Anahata Chakra is the center of real, unconditional affection, spiritual growth, compassion, devotion and love. It is the bridge connecting the lower and higher energies of our being and is the place where our Spirit, our true Self resides.  The Heart Chakra is associated with love & harmony – to love and be loved.

The Heart Chakra is related to:
Harmony & Life Balance
The Body Association is the heart, lungs, circulation and immune system
The Air element
sense of touch
lessons related to love, forgiveness and compassion – for ourselves and others

Sacred Truth- love is divine power

When Anahata Chakra is not functioning well or is out of balance we are possessive, love conditionally, withhold emotionally, fear rejection and may feel unworthy to receive love.  When it is functioning well and in balance we have compassionate, love unconditionally, nurture ourselves and others.

How to balance this chakra?

Yoga, of course!  Poses good for this chakra: fish, child’s pose, cobra, dancer, warrior III

Aromatherapy – rose, lavender, jasmine

Meditation – focus on the region of the chakra, envision the color green and repeat a mantra (I am well in body, mind and spirit or something that resonates with you)

Gem/Crystal – Ruby is a healing gem for this chakra and Emerald is a healing crystal – hold the gem or crystal in your hand as you meditate or find a piece of jewelry to wear

Deity – Kali Durga

Book recommendation:  An Ordinary Life Transformed (Bhagavad Gita translation)– Stephanie Rutt



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