Just Doing It

Ok-So I have come to the conclusion that I need to redirect my energy–once again!!!

I have been spending the past few weeks trying to get ‘organized’ according to everyone else’s standards. Yes, I purchased the book “How the Heck Did I Get So Busy” Yes too busy to read it. Tried but it is basically a self-help get your A_ _ in gear book. As I struggled through the chapters I thought “I know what I have to do-therefore I will just do it.” Next, I picked up a copy of a book that my accountant wrote “The Journey to Financial Wellness” this was definitely of some interest to me and will help most. But then again a lot of what I already knew.  I will keep it as a reference guide. Then I started “The Happiness Project” this book allows you to follow the journey of the author (Gretchen Rubin) as she tries to get happier. She ‘started out’ at Yale Law School, became editor-in-chief of the Yale Law Review. As she clerked for Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, she realized that she really wanted to be a writer. Happily married and living in New York City she just one day decided to live life to make herself happy. For twelve months, she chooses a theme and works on it. Topics include friends, family, health etc. It is insightful but I just could not finish it. I did something that I rarely do– I placed it back in my to read in the future pile. Gretchen was already happy enough for me. I must mention that one thing I loved was that she set up a website where anyone can formulate their only ‘Happiness Project” or join a “Happiness Group.” This is a great idea because we often are more motivated when working in a group and it tends to makes us more compliant due to a feeling of commitment.

With all that said, I have decided that I will not read another self-help book for at least a month (ha-ha).

I know how to help myself and yes often the experience of another individual may inspire us or help to guide us but for now I truly need to  “JUST DO IT”

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be getting my s_ _ _ in order and making a list (I am a major list person) of what I need to focus on over the next twelve months.

Gretchen has inspired the list!!! Seems the book had more of an impact on me that I had initially realized.

So The Two Sisters will continue to inspire you-but on a more multi-faceted array of subject matter.


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