The Journey to Financial Wellness

The Journey to Financial Wellness

By Terri Sabelli

12 Steps to Financial Balance


Terri is my accountant and I love this book for reference. She wrote the best dedication

 ‘Many thanks to…

My husband who heard the word, “budget” shortly after hearing, “I love you”


Terri is the founder of

The Financial Wellness Center in Peabody Massachusetts


This books includes

The 12 Steps to Financial Balance

Imagine your life financially organized and balanced.

Would you feel more confident?

 Your sense of peace intensified?

You’re entitled to a life of financial freedom.

At the Financial Wellness Center, you can learn how to live a life with intentions, values, and achievable goals. Building the foundation of your financial life needs to be based on a plan; not created by default! When you look at the decisions behind your spending habits, are they driven by a vision of what you want in your life? If not, it’s time to take a journey and discover . .

The 12 Steps to Financial Balance.

  1. Building the Master Plan
  2. Budget
  3. Savings
  4. Investing
  5. Maximize Retirement
  6. Short-term Planning
  7. Long-term Planning
  8. Controlling Unsecured Debt
  9. Controlling Long-term Debt
  10. Basic Estate Planning
  11. Reviewing Insurances
  12. Planning for the Unexpected and Major Life Events

The Financial Wellness Center
95 Lynn Street, Peabody, MA  01960

(978) 531-2500 | FAX (978) 977-0268


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