About Sharon

sha                          Sharon’s Beginning Life

Sharon was born in a small town north of Boston and is the oldest of five children. In that role Sharon quickly learned to become a leader, mediator and communicator-which has helped her to become the person she is today. She is dedicated, hardworking and kind.

                          Sharon’s Middle Life

After graduation from high school she worked at a local dental office for many years while raising her daughter. But once her daughter finished college it was time for Sharon to go back to school. She earned her first degree at Middlesex Community College and her bachelors at Salem State University. You see… It’s Never Too Late to Learn Something New!

                          Sharon’s Current Life

Aside from family commitments and the joy of spending quality time with her family, especially her grandson, Sharon is committed to achieving her long term goals which include preserving balance in her daily being, maintaining a healthy mind-body-spirit, and living a fulfilled life.

                                                                                                Sharon’s Future Life

Her goal to develop her personal yoga practice includes a desire to educate her others on the benefits of yoga. This includes alternative/complementary healthcare options, which she will accomplish with the use of her website-twosistersjourney.com-which she publishes with her writing partner and sister Maureen.

Personal Mission Statement

“To become more aware of myself, my surroundings, and my path for the future.”

Core Values

Honesty, Integrity, Respect Others, Hard Work and Dedication.


Yoga, Learning, Walking, Reading, Writing, Golfing (and shopping).

Favorite Quote

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind

~Dr. Seuss~

To learn more about Sharon and her passion(s) visit her website: twosistersjourney.com

You can email her at: sharonmarrama@comcast.net or herecomesthesunyoga@yahoo.com


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