The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project

by Gretchen Rubin


Or Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning,

 Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle,

 and Generally Have More Fun


Gretchen’s Twelve Personal Commandments


THE HAPPINESS PROJECT is the memoir of the year I spent test-driving the wisdom of the ages, current scientific studies, and lessons from popular culture about how to be happier – happily, it was a #1 New York Times bestseller. As one of the hundreds of experiments I’ve conducted, I started this blog. Here, I recount my daily adventures in pursuit of happiness. –

Gretchen Rubin



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How Did I Get So Busy

How Did I Get So Busy

by Valorie Burton

A Certified Professional Coach and Motivational Speaker


The 28-Day Plan to Free Your Time, Reclaim Your Schedule, and Reconnect with What Matters Most



Readers will learn to:

– Understand the factors that drive them to busyness, procrastination and timewasters

– Develop a self-care plan

– Break a persistent procrastination habit

– Gain perspective and focus on what matters most in every situation

– Make meaningful connections with others through enhanced communication

– Achieve goals with purpose, passion and room to breathe!


Valorie has written quite a few books that you may find helpful. Her website is loaded with motivational material.


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Just Doing It

Ok-So I have come to the conclusion that I need to redirect my energy–once again!!!

I have been spending the past few weeks trying to get ‘organized’ according to everyone else’s standards. Yes, I purchased the book “How the Heck Did I Get So Busy” Yes too busy to read it. Tried but it is basically a self-help get your A_ _ in gear book. As I struggled through the chapters I thought “I know what I have to do-therefore I will just do it.” Next, I picked up a copy of a book that my accountant wrote “The Journey to Financial Wellness” this was definitely of some interest to me and will help most. But then again a lot of what I already knew.  I will keep it as a reference guide. Then I started “The Happiness Project” this book allows you to follow the journey of the author (Gretchen Rubin) as she tries to get happier. She ‘started out’ at Yale Law School, became editor-in-chief of the Yale Law Review. As she clerked for Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, she realized that she really wanted to be a writer. Happily married and living in New York City she just one day decided to live life to make herself happy. For twelve months, she chooses a theme and works on it. Topics include friends, family, health etc. It is insightful but I just could not finish it. I did something that I rarely do– I placed it back in my to read in the future pile. Gretchen was already happy enough for me. I must mention that one thing I loved was that she set up a website where anyone can formulate their only ‘Happiness Project” or join a “Happiness Group.” This is a great idea because we often are more motivated when working in a group and it tends to makes us more compliant due to a feeling of commitment.

With all that said, I have decided that I will not read another self-help book for at least a month (ha-ha).

I know how to help myself and yes often the experience of another individual may inspire us or help to guide us but for now I truly need to  “JUST DO IT”

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be getting my s_ _ _ in order and making a list (I am a major list person) of what I need to focus on over the next twelve months.

Gretchen has inspired the list!!! Seems the book had more of an impact on me that I had initially realized.

So The Two Sisters will continue to inspire you-but on a more multi-faceted array of subject matter.

Book Recommendations

I recently did a review of Charlotte Bell’s book – Mindful Yoga, Mindful Life.

People often ask me what books they recommend as they begin their yoga journey…. this is a must.  See my review for why:

Sharon and I also have a page on our website (currently being updated) which I’ll provide here:

An Ordinary Life Transformed – Stephanie Rutt

Yoga Chick – “A Hip Guide to Everything OM” – Bess Gallanis

Smart Guide to Yoga – Stephanie Levin-Gervasi

Yoga Body, Buddha Mind – Cindy Lee

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga – Deepak Chopra & David Simon

Yoga for Life – Martin & Margaret Pierce

The Power of Intention – Wayne Dyer

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life – Wayne Dyer

A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle

Mudras – Yoga in Your Hands – Gertrude Hirschi

Creative Visualization – Shakti Gawain

Life Lessons – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross & David Kessler

Anatomy of the Spirit – Caroline Myss

It’s been a while since we updated that page, so we’ll do that as we are updating the website too.

Make an amazing day everyone.

~Sharon & Maureen

Lake Quannapowitt Wakefield Yoga

This morning at nine (yes folks I was up early), I met Erica at the lake in Wakefield and we took an outdoor yoga class.

The instructor was Dina McLaughlin(at least I think that is still her last name-not sure) and yes it is my brother Paul’s ex-wife. She also teaches at LA Fitness in Stoneham and that is where Erica found out about the class.

Let me tell you-I loved it! It was easy! It was quiet! It was shady! It was warm! It was free!

Fifty minutes passed by as if it was ten minutes.

I recommend this class for all levels but it is perfect for beginners.

Think about joining us next week.

This was the view